Geatain Engineering

  • Low Cost Operational Improvements EmphasizedGeatain Engineering
  • Several Hundred Building Components Evaluated
  • Specialty in Net Zero Buildings

For more than seven years, Geatain has primarily served the commercial, industrial, retail, office space, educational and manufacturing markets. While other firms only address one or two building components, Geatain fully evaluates every building component to determine the most possible savings. Below is a brief list of these building components:

About Geatain

  • renewable energy
  • lighting
  • HVAC
  • controls
  • daylighting
  • motion detectors
  • gas rate analysis
  • voltage regulators
  • natural ventilation
  • window film
  • peak shaving
  • electric rate analysis
  • smart grid
  • energy storage
  • line losses
  • retrocommissioning

About Geatain

Geatain consultations typically follow a five step process:

1. Through a no cost consultation with the client, we gain an understanding of their business and listen to their concerns. 2. Walking through the building identifies opportunities to save energy and distinguishes key building components. 3. By brainstorming through available energy-saving technologies, we determine the most possible energy savings for each building component. 4. Applying the appropriate technologies to every building component tailors cost reduction solutions and maximizes savings. 5. By explaining our recommendations in simple terms, our clients easily understand the energy saving measures and cost saving projections.

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