ACIT 150x150Advancement For Commerce, Industry and Technology – “A Value Engine for over Forty Years”

Indeed, a value engine was created forty years ago by a local group of businessmen seeking to make a difference in their professional lives.

Today ACIT’s value engine has grown in horsepower and continues to run as a well-oiled machine under the direction of businessmen and businesswoman alike serving on ACIT’s elite Board of Directors. These dedicated men and women have helped grow Long Island into the thriving business community it is today.Working together for the benefit of all, the ACIT Board of Directors and membership have helped transform the vision of the organization’s founding members into an unmistakable reality.

ACIT thanks its Board of Directors and members for their past, present and future support, and looks forward to many more memorable and successful years ahead. Our members are what make ACIT what it is today and will remain an important part of the organization’s history…yesterday, today and tomorrow.


To convey …
… its objective as a champion of business through recognition of its contribution to the health of Long Island’s economy.

To provide …
… a quality network and maintain a variety of opportunities where members can build successful business relationships.

To assist …
… members in competing in a rapidly changing world through targeted programs and other interactive events.

To support, recognize and enlist …
… the cooperation of the private, public and not-for-profit sectors as partners in maintaining and expanding Long Island’s economic vitality and educational and cultural resources.

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