Lieb at Law

LiebSchool 150x150The Real Estate School serves as the Pro-Bono arm of Lieb at Law, licensed by the Department of State of New York and offers free continuing education courses to Real Estate Professionals. Classes are currently held throughout downstate New York and credits count towards licensing requirements.
Educational Experience
There is no catch, the courses are free, include food & refreshments, and are available throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County (including Hamptons and the North Fork), and the City. Lieb at Law is determined to lead by example and support the professionals that impact the business flow within each community.
The firm’s educational model focuses on co-taught classes with experts from varying fields. The Real Estate School’s goal is to enhance the caliber of education offered to licensed Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents and help best serve the needs of their clients by minimizing the exposure to legal problems throughout the transaction process.
The Vision
The Real Estate School was born as a response to a clear need for a higher level of real estate knowledge and sophistication among members of the Long Island community. The school strives to educate the source of real estate knowledge, enhance the professionalism of Brokers and Sales Agents and to properly equip these individuals to provide an increased level of service to their clients.
The firm believes that the greater community will achieve a compound effect of increased awareness and information, as each educated Real Estate Professional will deliver the knowledge gained from each class to their local communities. It’s not only about helping these Professionals, but instead, it’s about helping the thousands of clients they service.

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