John Harrington, Founding Partner at HKS Capital Partners LLC.

John Harrington,HKS Capital Partners

HKS CAPITAL Partners co-founder John Harrington originally entered the commercial real estate finance industry a little over 10 years ago, originating commercial mortgages on all assets classes including Hotel, Multi-Residential, Commercial Retail, Industrial, Office, Owner Occupied and raw Land.  Over the years, he has financed numerous transactions spanning all categories from debt to construction, to preferred equity/mezz, including nearly all “agency” classes:  Fannie, Freddie, HPD & HUD.

Knowing the capital markets well, he represents a number of commercial banks, life companies, funds, CMBS, and DUS lenders, and services a fairly extensive client base.  Having successfully navigated through the difficulties and nuances of the last credit cycle, he has a unique understanding and perspective of the lending community and their constant changing appetite for risk and analysis.  Taking a comprehensive approach to structured finance, with the ability to analyze & procure debt/equity sources that cover Value Add situations, Development, Note Sales & DPO’s, he takes an academic approach to working with his borrower clients and lender relations.

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