Front Row Tickets Sponsors Long Island Commercial Real Estate Expo 2015

How do you show your appreciation for a client? It’s a proven fact that THE best way is to treat them to a great event. Whether they have just inked that big deal, or been a loyal business partner for years, sending them or taking them to the theater or a sporting event is simply GREAT BUSINESS PRACTICE.

AND…..when they get to that sold out show, and they’re sitting in AMAZING! seats, you’ve demonstrated to your client or prospect just how important their business/friendship is to you.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising, but nothing seals the deal than a hot concert or playoff ticket. Try it and see!……..AND…….we’ll even get you started


*Just call us, answer a few basic questions about your business and your first two tickets are ON US.
No purchase necessary.

Event sold out? Happening tomorrow? Out of town?

NO PROBLEM! Just call FRONT ROW TICKETS at (516) 900-4915

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