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8:00am - 9:45am: Kickoff Breakfast

LICREE 2016 Kickoff Breakfast


Savoy Ballroom

  8:00   Check In & Networking
  8:30   Panel 1
  9:15   Panel 2
10:00   Exhibit Hall Opens

with an opening “state of capital on Long Island”
overview by Roslyn Goldmacher of the LIDC.

  • Learn about the latest funding programs
  • Investment and loan programs available


  1. Roslyn Goldmacher, LIDC
  2. Andrew Saluk, NEFCU
  3. Michael Bellissimo, ACRES Capital


  • What to know
  • How to apply
  • What to expect


  1. Dan Deegan, Forchelli Curto Deegan
  2. David Hunt, Hunt Commercial Services
  3. Nick Terzulli, Nassau County IDA

Moderator : Anthony Manetta, Standard Advisors Group

10:15am - 10:45am: Anatomy of an Auction

Anatomy of an Auction

Master auctioneer Richard Maltz takes you through the necessary steps to be involved from every side.

Mattituck Room

10:30am - 11:15am: Clicks or Bricks - 2016 Retail Outlook

Clicks or Bricks – 2016 LI Retail Outlook

The retail environment is constantly shifting & evolving. Our expert panel discusses the latest trends and information RE professionals need to know in order to thrive in this volatile time.

Eisenhower Room

Paul Fetscher CCIM, SCLS
Great American Brokerage


Debra Hazel, President
Debra Hazel Communications

Eric Rubenstein, Co-Chair of Real Estate Dept.
Ruskin Moscou Faltischek

10:30am - 11:30am: The Evolution of the American Workplace

The Evolution of the American Workplace

Transformative methods are being used to provide cost-effective utilization of space and increased engagement of  workforce. This seminar will cover challenges of in-place transformation using a case study of Openlink, a Long Island software developer that recently underwent this process. Learn how to design and execute a workplace strategy that delivers all the real estate benefits to align with enterprise goals.

Belmont Room


  1. Andie Moeder, Jones Lang Lasalle
  2. Jenny-Lynn Georgiades, Waldner’s Business Environment
  3. Sandra Timmoney, Openlink
10:30am - 1:00pm: NYS Approved CE Class

NYS Approved 2 Credit CE Class – Green Building/Energy Conservation

Banfi Room

Presented by:                           Sponsored by:




I. Learning Objectives:

A. Introduce green building concepts to audience.
B. Describe relevant sustainability standards and approaches
C. Detail rating system for LEED certification.
D. Introduce typical methods to lower commercial building energy use.
E. Describe relevant energy conservation regulations and associations.
F. Present case histories of proven savings.
G. Differentiate residential energy savings from commercial energy savings methods.
H. Identify incentive and rebate programs.

II. Key Terms:

III. Overview :

A. Consumers are unaware of subtle differences among green concepts
B. Lack of knowledge regarding USGBC
C. Lack of awareness regarding typical energy savings programs.
D. Common misunderstanding to simple energy saving methods.
E. Common misinterpretations and misuse of energy savings efforts

IV. Green Building/Sustainability:

A. Introduction to green concepts
B. Basic concepts
C. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
D. Popularity of sustainability

1. Classifications
2. Rating system
3. Categories of sustainability
4. Typical projects

F. Case Histories
G. Implications for real estate field
H. Long Island USGBC Chapter
I. Related sustainable associations

V. Commercial Building Energy Savings:

A. Introduction to commercial energy savings
B. Basic concepts
C. Description of base building systems
D. Savings examples
E. Municipal Regulations
1. Energy Star
a) Energy Star Rating
b) Benchmarking
c) Equipment/Appliances
2. ASHRAE Assessments
a) Phase I
b) Phase II
c) Phase III
3. NYS Code
4. California regulations
F. Case Histories
G. Energy Conservation Measure Tables
H. Challenges within energy conservation
I. Role of Energy Savings Companies
J. Associations
2. AEE
K. Implications for real estate field.
L. Local perspective
M. Long Island opportunities

VI. Incentives and Rebates

A. Introduction
B. History of incentive programs.
C. Trends
D. Federal Programs
E. NYSERDA Programs
F. Local Programs
1. PSEG Long Island
2. PACE Program

VII. Summary

A. Sustainability
B. Commercial Energy Savings
C. Residential Energy Savings
D. Incentives

VIII. Question and Answer:

IX. Self-Assessment Review Questions:

11:00am - 12:00pm: 2016 Strategies to Reduce or Eliminate Tax Liability on Property Sales

Reduce or Eliminate Tax Liability on Property Sales

According to the American Bankers Association, over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion dollars will exchange hands as one generation hands over its wealth to another. Much of this wealth transfer will be in highly appreciated real estate which can create capital gains exposure. This seminar informs brokers & other real estate professionals that capital gains tax and estate planning solutions exist that help reduce or eliminate tax liability on property sales, and that awareness of these solutions makes them more valuable to their clients.

Mattituck Room

Michael Packman

11:30am - 12:15pm: Drones - Learn What This Incredible Technology Can Do!

Drones: Learn What This Incredible Technology Can Do For You!

Drones are revolutionizing commercial real estate with innovative and technologically advanced ways to do mapping, inspections and even construction. Today, this aerial platform can inspect acres of land in a matter of minutes, multiple floors of a vertical construction, take pictures of a site and render a geological 3D map, inspect solar panels and even clean them in hard to reach areas. The possibilities are endless.

Hargrave Room

Topics covered include:

  • Drones: what are they?
  • FAA and regulations
  • When architecture meets creativity and technology
  • Drone technology and the new era of commercial real estate development
  • The future of real estate and construction

Presented by:

Edward Kostakis, Professional Drone Pilot/Head of Aerial Operations and Co-Owner of Xizmo Media L.L.C., Air Intelligence Officer in The Marine Corps Reserves
Jimmy Olivero, Pilot and Drone Technology Expert


12:00pm - 12:45pm: Does Cogeneration / Solar Work for Your Building?

Does Cogeneration / Solar Work for Your Building?

Our expert panel drills down into the benefits, costs & requirements of Distributed Power Generation.

Topics covered are:
Cogeneration / Tri Generation
Building Optimization
Working in Parallel with the Grid.

Eisenhower Room


  1. Mike Passantino, Trinity Solar
  2. James Armstrong P.E. CEM CEP
    President of DSM Engineering Services

This presentation is appropriate for:

Building Owners
Facility Managers

12:00pm - 12:45pm: Residential Assisted Living Academy

Residential Assisted Living Academy

In this session Gene Guarino shows you step by step:

  • How to turn a Single Family Home into a cash flow machine
  • How to rent a home and get TWICE the fair market rent
  • How to operate the business (if you want to) AND still collect the rent
  • How to make $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 per month in NET PROFIT
  • How to do it all with or without your own money

Mattituck Room

Gene Guarino, RALA

2:00pm - 3:00pm: Cyber Security - Are Your Systems Safe?

Cyber Security – Are Your Systems Safe?

Mattituck Room

Presented by:
Patrick Malkmes
Chairman of the Board
U.S. Digital Sciences Corporation

Aaron Smiles
Managing Director Head of Commercial Leasing
Matrix Realty Group

Introduction – Patrick Malkmes – Matrix Case Study

  1. Overview of skills and history
  2. Connection to the matrix group
  3. Introduction to systems
    1. The BMS Systems
      1. Building management
      2. Portals
      3. Security Overview
    2. Copiers/ Scanners / Faxes
      1. Security issues with using Mail Relays
      2. Open ports on your devices
      3. Security Overview
    3. Mobilization And Control
      1. Iphones/ Ipads Getting hacked
      2. Mobile control of your Building
      3. Security Overview
    4. Penetration testing
      1. Testing your systems for vulnerability
      2. Testing your portals for vulnerability
      3. Penetration Overview and Conclusions
    5. Compliance Documentation
      1. Accounting Systems
      2. SAS 70
      3. SOC type I
      4. SOC type II
      5. Compliance Auditing
      6. Best Practices
    6. Conclusion Introduction to Aaron Smiles
      1. Matrix Specific Leasing Systems
      2. Matrix Specific Turn Key Build Outs
      3. Matrix Specific Accommodations
    7. Q&A
12:00pm - 1:00pm: How Environmental Contamination Affects Your Deal

Your Deal is Contaminated–Now What?

Vapor and other forms of contamination are being discovered in properties all over Long Island. Whether it goes unnoticed until after the deal is complete or is discovered before, deals involving property contamination need to be handled by experts.

Our panel of experts will discuss the potential complications for the buyer & seller with regard to:

  • How does the bank figure it into their risk?
  • What protections can the attorney provide?
  • What role does the insurance company play?


Belmont Room


  1. Aaron Gershonowitz, Forchelli Curto Deegan
  2. Anthony Bartone, Bartone Properties
  3. Howard Tollin, Sterling Environmental Services

Moderator: Chuck Merritt, Merritt Environmental Consulting

2:00pm - 3:00pm: PinkTie.org: Real Estate Professionals Networking For a Cure

Banfi Room

Learn about PinkTie.org, the work it does in our community and the positive effect it will have on your business