Michael Packman

    JPT_PNICapCropLogoMichael Packman is the Chief Executive Officer of PNI Capital Partners, a full-service financial planning firm based in Syosset, NY. Michael and his firm specialize in working with CPAs and real estate professionals to help them with their existing clients as well as to attract new clients by identifying investment strategies that may provide tax advantages. According to the American Bankers Association, over the next 20 years approximately $17 trillion dollars will exchange hands as one generation hands over its wealth to another. Much of this wealth transfer will be in highly appreciated real estate which can create capital gains exposure. Michael works closely with clients and their tax professionals to provide capital gains tax and estate planning solutions to help reduce or eliminate their tax liability. Michael frequently holds Continuing Professional Education events that introduce these strategies to CPAs and is available to speak to your organization. Michael got his start more than 18 years ago at a boutique private wealth management firm where he quickly rose through the ranks to become the youngest Vice President in the company’s history. From there he formed his own company, managed the Long Island region for the brokerage arm of a major international firm and then opened PNI Capital Partners. Michael offers access to securities through J.P. Turner & Company, LLC (SIPC). To learn more, visit www.pnicapital.com or call 516-466-7120